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Dera Baba Murad Shah

Baba Murad Shah Ji became a disciple of Baba Shere Shah Ji.[2] He opted Fakeeri at the age of 24 years and returned to God at the age of 28 years. Baba Shere Shah Ji always used to stay in lonely place and did not want people to come near him so that there would be no disturbance in his prayersHe used to be in prayers and read a book “Heer” written by Waris Shah.[3] During the partition of India Baba Shere Shah Ji moved to Pakistan and gave his blessing to Baba Murad Shah Ji to look after the Darbar and to continue to spread the message of Sufism.Sai Ghulam Shah Ji also known as Sai Laddi Shah Ji became the head of the darbar after Baba Murad Shah Ji left this world. Sai Ji continued to look after the darbar and continue building the darbar. Sai Ji used to organize an annual Urs mela (fair) in the memory of Baba Murad Shah Ji, which he invited Qawwal’s and Sufi Punjabi Singers to perform. Qaramat Ali Qawwal group performed quite frequently and still do to this day. One of the Qawwalis that Sai Ji used to love was ‘Mere Likhle Ghulama Vich Naahttps://business.facebook.com/watch/?v=426764558172188which in every mehfil Sai Ji would always listen to it. Sai Laddi Shah Ji departed this world on Thursday the first of May 2008.Gurdas Maan became a disciple of Sai Ji and Sai Ji loved Gurdas Maan very dearly. In 2006, Sai Ji took his pagri (turban) off during a qawwali mehfil and placed it on Gurdas Maan’s head.After Sai Laddi Shah Ji left this world, Gurdas Maan now leads the melas (fairs) in memory of Sai Laddi Shah Ji and Baba Murad Shah J

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